My sound bytes:

The Matrix “Desert of the real”
From 0:00 to 1:00

Josephs “I was chosen” Speech
Whole clip

Cave Johnson “Lemons” Speech
Whole Clip

I chose the Matrix clip not only because I think it represents my personality as a huge tech guy and maybe even simulation theorist…

Reflect on what you learned this semester.

To be entirely honest, I learned nothing. Everything taught in this class was already part of my previous curriculum, I felt like I didn’t want to put much effort into the class or classwork because I had no gain, and I was hoping to be challenged more. …

Work is really overwhelming this semester, I find myself losing my pace and falling behind on process work like this while trying to catch up on type spreads, research papers, sculptures, and more. The lack of a spring break is slowly destroying the mentality of everyone in the class and…

I revised my previous design and ended up with something both slimmer and opening up more space.

final mockup

I then created the wireframe for the design for the web version.

P1 — Process

For my Zen Garden project, I explored themes relating to futurism, retro aesthetics, street styles, brutalism, and more. I’ve decided to focus my design on a Japanese street wear type of style, neon colors, bulk Japanese letters, abstract shapes and designs, photography with effects, etc.


These thumbnails represent general concepts…

For my typeface explorations, I was mostly looking for modern typefaces with a nice balance of contrast in thickness. I decided to go with the first typeface, because I like the clean and bold sans-serif with the “futuristic” or modern vibe.

In my designs, I tend to lean towards creating modern takes on swiss design and typography. My emphasis is on a clean and simple color palette that works well in a dark theme, as I intend to make my site dark themed. My favorite combination of colors is purple and white, so I went with that. The background is also a variation of “almost” black for easy readability.

In a mid-pandemic America, it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that most people are struggling to fill up their social meter. It’s gotten to the point that for some people, seeing people together without masks in movies or on TV feels off for a second. This lack of…

When going into Web Design, It’s important to reflect on the foundations that brought us to where we are. Technology over the years has seriously changed into something we could have never expected. In 1945, the very first general-purpose computer was the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer or ENIAC. ENIAC…

Chester Middleton

Edinboro University Web Design Class Spring 2021

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